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It's me Irina Jurkėnienė

Irina J.Photography Freelancing as a photograhper since 2016 As a photographer I work with Inviduals and companies . Most often I taking photographs of christenings, weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. I am experienced in making companies visual branding, shooting peoples portraits, environment photos and etc. I am cooperating with bicycle team and model schools. The biggest project were I am participating is “HELP PORTRAIT” since 2009. Project “HAPPY MOTHER” October 2018 . Personal project “WALKING WITH ELEPHANTS” Sinc e 2018, April . I love to take photos with a fish eye lense during my leisure time or vacation. Still life and food photography is new and interesting for me.

Experience 2009-2019 - Help Portrait patron of the project in Kėdainiai, Lithuania

2015-2019 - Participation in exhibitions KFD Kėdainiai, Lithuania

2019 Last Brands Telekom, Sanoffi, Cib Bank, Aegon, The Ritz-Carlton, Daily News Hungary, Kiosk Budapest, Beefbar Budapest, Caliph Trade, Uniomedia (Hungary, Budapest) .

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